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About Marie Gisèle

Mixed Media Artist



Marie Gisèle is a nature and sea loving artist who sees creativity as her primary focus in life. She is a mixed media artist, interior designer, and the creative director at Marie Gisèle Creations studio. She designs, curates, and hand paints layered compositions on 100% cotton archival deckled-edge watercolour paper. Each piece is made with different substrates and is created using a combination of watercolour and acrylic paints, India inks, glazes, archival pigment transfer, gold leaf, beeswax, and calligraphy, making each piece of art unique and original. Each watercolour paper is then coated with either natural wax or varnish.

Another Marie Gisèle’s signature art form is her own unique shadow boxes. Most of her compositions are based on painting and layering photographs to recycled books. These are combined with collages of organic and natural forms, as well as reclaimed and found objects such as drift wood, rusted metal from the sea, seashells, fossils, sand, stones, minerals, old coins and money, vintage keys, metal leafing, wire, egg shells, feathers, straw, rope, cord, chains, dried flowers, twigs and leaves, crushed glass, sea glass, mica, Japanese papers, stamps, fabric, buttons, stitching, and other exotic substrates. These collages are mounted in a thick wooden frame and set behind a sheet of glass. Each piece is designed and handmade by Marie Gisèle in her Toronto art studio. Her artist’s logo is embossed on each piece of artwork to ensure authenticity.

Marie Gisèle has also developed a meticulous fine photoartgraphy process that combines handmade paper, transfer of photographic elements, and scanography techniques which results in small series of unique and one-of-a-kind visual alchemy.

Marie Gisèle is a French Canadian who has lived and worked in Montreal, Toronto and Paris. She has traveled extensively around the world including Africa, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and all over the United States and Canada. She now lives and works in Toronto.


Marie Gisèle has extensive training in art, interior design, merchandising, travel and tourism, sales promotion, and marketing. She has received certifications from Ryerson University, George Brown College, OCAD University, Cornell University. She has also taught retail design and merchandising at Harvard University.


Marie Gisèle's latest collection is a series of modern art pieces that are made of mixed media including acrylic paints, gold leaf applications, collage and transfer techniques to create one-of-a-kind designs using only archival paints and materials. These unique handmade art pieces, which combine distinct European elegance, are found in her online store, at her studio open house or at art shows.

Marie Gisèle is currently designing murals, tapestries, metal art trays, paper maché, glasswork, and mosaic tables. She also designs lighting fixtures. One light fixture uses strands of over 50 pieces of seashells, tumbled stones and lilac crystals. Another lighting fixture features 50 to 60 pieces of memorabilia collected over the years including her grandfather's watch, a key chain from the Montreal 1976 Olympics, rusted nails, old coins and other family heirlooms.  Marie Gisèle also collects vintage maps and nature posters. 

Marie Gisèle is available for commissioned work such as book and album covers, promotional merchandise, and private commissions. Each design is available in a variety of mediums and/or licensing formats.




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